AirXoniX for Windows

Airxonix: A Game Stunner !

The well-known Xonix tournament has been remade in the form of Airexonix. In the previous version, you were in charge of an item that moved across a filter filled with flying demon balloons. The objective was to drive the balloons because vastly away from your playing field’s’s invisible perimeter as necessary. Even after several days of intense play, the challenges in this tournament were maintained thanks to a special regulate scheme.

You can choose between the traditional game use and a replete 3d adaptation of Airxonix that truly brings the steps to life. Now that the ball is moving through the atmosphere and obliterating anything in its channel, you are completely to do whatever you want. To really demolish the ball before it reaches its set objectives, you may slow down the pace whenever required or throughput up the airballs. This version’s’s special implications are quite impressive, giving what might have otherwise been a typical adventure an entirely different check.

The famous Xonix arcades game’s’s new edition has stunning specialized benefits that are enhanced by 3d sound results, giving it an entirely different feel. There are numerous sport efforts in every Airxonix version, giving competitors more difficulty and comfort. The game feels more natural in the online remake thanks to a unique history music library that goes along with it.




Windows version of Airxonix 1.45
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30 September 2023, a Thursday