Any Data Recovery Pro for Windows

Any Data Recovery Pro has been created to restore lost details, including articles, selfies, and shows that have been unintentionally removed from brain card game, Usb flash drives, external hard drives. Numerous file types, such as.doc ,. xls,- rar,jpg,png,rmvb,zip,mp3, and.mp4 etc., are supported by the application.

Any Data Recovery Pro can recover data from a variety of storage media, including challenging drives and Usb flash drives. It can support Linux ( Ext2 ) and Mac file systems( Hfs, Hfs +), as well as the Fat12( Fat16 ), Ntfs( Fts ), and other file types.

Included are the following important characteristics:

  1. more than 550 different file types can be recovered.
  2. two types of regeneration.
  3. Assistance all submit techniques, including the walls for Ext2, Ext3, Hfs +, Ntfs, and Fat12.
  4. Before reeling, demo the images and listen to the audio paperwork.
  5. Recover selected documents as an option.


Any Data Recovery Pro is a useful tool for recovering lost docs from corrupted, resized, deleted, or dead partitions. It can also remember details from Sd tickets, Usb flash drives, and other safe-keeping television. Any Data Recovery Pro is a useful tool to have because of its user-friendly ui and wide variety of supported folder choices.



Skylights users can use any Data Recovery Pro 6.4.0
  1. Windows 2000.
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