AVG Anti-Spyware for Windows


Trojan horses, worms, dialers, hackers, spyware, and spyware are just a few of the rapidly expanding vulnerabilities that Avg Anti-spyware provides defense against. Because just a fully functional secureness program can be created, Avg starts by adding new security programs to current ones.

  1. Totally updated users user interface
  2. the ability to make exceptions
  3. For safe document omission, use Shredder.
  4. Antispy Upgrades
  5. Spectator of Margins
  6. Viewer Lsp
  7. heuristics for identifying unidentified threats
  8. mopping and monitoring the Windows registry
  9. Promotions monitoring assistance for Ntfs
  10. everyday posts to the registry
  11. Tough petitions are used for piece indication.
  12. Studies equipment( processes, connections, and business )
  13. Online updates that are smart
  14. Investigate the libraries
  15. Trojans using Dll-trojans can be safely detected and removed.
  16. Emulation-based general crypter detection
  17. recognition of generic binders
  18. Free e-mail assistance
  19. Clear Turbine Immediate
  20. cautious file confinement
  21. User Interface in Multiple Languages

Both the free and paid versions are included in this setup.

Ewido Security Suite was the previous name of this item.



For Windows, see Avg Anti-spyware 2023, page 3272.
  1. Skylights 2000.
Languages that are available:
  1. English,
  2. Czech,
  3. Danish,
  4. German,
  5. Spanish,
  6. French,
  7. Italian,
  8. Japanese,
  9. Portuguese
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