Cam Wizard for Windows

Using the Cam Wizard to Capture Video

Any Windows Xp personal can be transformed into a completely automated, full-motion, remote monitoring cameras, and Vcr device using the best Camera application. Cam Wizard starts documenting audio and video to a Windows camera file as soon as it detects motion. After that, the finished film is become uploaded to a distant website or sent to an email treat. A local Ftp or an on connection can be used to access video and audio files.

Some excellent computer wiretapping tools like Spyware Inspector, Osprey Sense, idefense, Hijackthis, and Lsspect are easily integrated with Cam Wizard. Customers can use a second user interface to simultaneously control several cameras from their computers. Because Cam Wizard transfers picture over the router using the Linux Compression File Format, this is necessary.

Real-time movie acquire, touch-screen regulates, involuntary day printing, multiple user profiles, and compatibility with Windows Vista are just a few of Cam Wizard’s’s best benefits. For up to two hours after the event, Cam Wizard may continue to record motion-detected events. A straightforward design ui and a variety of camera options are available through the program. Homeowners, small business owners, and confidentiality professionals should all employ Cam Wizard because it is so simple to use.




Windows version of Cam Wizard 8.01.
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