Codify for Windows

You can easily create, modify, and encode wording using the lighter encryption app Codify. Any encrypted messages must be sent to the recipient along with a functional copy of Codify and the message’s’s decryption login.

By encrypting your data and ensuring that only you or the intended recipient can see it, Codify offers a good way to acquire it. You may stable email attachments in addition to encrypting an limitless number of files using the app, including Word or Pdf documents.

It’s’s very simple to use Codify; all you have to do is select the text or file you want to encrypt and the password. You have the option of selecting one of the passwords from a number.


Ultimately, Codify is a straightforward, lightweight language crypto program that delivers on its promises. It is user-friendly, has a straightforward, single-window user interface, and uses very little system resources. Using the application on a shared notebook is the only drawback we may think of because there are no limitations on who can access the password variety.

* Codify stores your credentials securely using the Aes-256 encoding algorithms.



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