ColorDirector for Windows


By managing lamps and resolving color flaws, Colordirector enables you to significantly improve the quality of your camera works. You can take advantage of simple-to-use film-style settings that give your movie works a polished, professional feel.

You can use the application’s’s strong and simple motion monitoring to adjust the color of any passing element in a world. With Powerdirector, you can use round-trip processing to reduce the amount of time you spend modifying videos. You can use thousands of free presets made by Cyberlink and additional ardent camera readers by logging into Directorzone for independent.

Key Aspects Include:

  1. Colour scoring: A crucial tool for creating videos that look expert. You can leave a lasting impression on your video moviegoers by using color marking to inform stories and elicit actions.
  2. Steady interoperability with Powerdirector enables quick and simple video tones and color optimization as well as the ability to instantly apply film-style presets to drastically alter the appearance and feel of a construction.


Utilize Colordirector 3 to maximize the power of red.



Windows version of Colordirector 8 – design 2311.
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