Comodo AntiVirus for Windows


For Microsoft Windows-based servers, Comodo Antivirus offers a convincing level of security thanks to its robust, dependable collection of tools.

It offers high-quality virus safety with an on-demand sensor,” consistently on” real-time defense, and a database of known viruses and challenges that is constantly being updated.

Important characteristics include:

  1. automatic posts for the most recent parasite safety.
  2. For quick parasite evaluation, drag and drop images.
  3. You can activate and avoid thanks to the user-friendly layout, which eliminates infuriating pop-ups and incorrect sirens.
  4. Easy searching with one tap.
  5. To switch your protection point, simply click a slider.
  6. user-friendly interface
  7. integrated scheduler
  8. searching with connection


Comodo Antivirus’s’s individual software is clear, elegant, and visually appealing. You can quickly change the functions to suit your needs and necessities. The reliable Antivirus answer from Comodo offers all the standard features, including automatic disease description updates, virus detection, real-time, on-demand exposure checking, quarantine, etc.

Comodo Antivirus is a reliable, strategic tool for protecting your notebook. It offers a barrier against Trojan horse docs, infections, and worms.



Skylights version of Comodo Antivirus
  1. , Windows Vista
  2. Windows 7.
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