GMail Drive for Windows

You can use Gmail as a hardware medium thanks to the virtual filesystem that Gmail Drive creates around your Google Mail membership.

You can save and access documents stored on your Google Gmail login directly from Windows Explorer thanks to Gmail Drive, which builds a remote filesystem on top of it. You may create fresh folders, file, and drag’n’drop files to Gmail Drive, which essentially adds a new desire to your computer under the My computer folder.

You have had plenty of storage space but not much to fill it up since Google began offering owners a Gmail e-mail balance with 6000 megabytes of space. Files can be quickly copied to your Google Mail membership and retrieved using Gmail Drive.


Gmail Drive produces an email and sends it to your account when you create a fresh folder. The document is attached as an e-mail devotion, and the email is displayed in your regular Inbox folder. Applying the Gmail trawl feature, Gmail Drive intermittently checks your email login to see if any new documents have arrived and rebuilds the listing structures. Gmail Drive, however, functions essentially the same as any other complicated pull that is installed on your computer.



Windows version of Gmail Desire 1. 1.0.20
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