jEdit for Windows

The Java-based sms director jedit is used by programmers. Its plugin infrastructure allows it to be set up as a rather potent Interface and uses the Swing toolkit for the Gui.

Included in the main benefits are:

  1. Runs on Windows, Unix, Vms, and Mac Os X and is written in java.
  2. Built-in macro word and structures for flexible plugins.
  3. Numerous apps can be downloaded and installed using the jedit widget supervisors.
  4. More than 200 language have auto-indenting and syntax highlight.
  5. supports numerous protagonist representations, adding Unicode and Utf8.
  6. Sliding allows for the selective concealing of text areas.
  7. pack up in words.
  8. Easily modifiable.

jedit is incredibly customisable, extremely user-friendly, and has a ton of benefits. This writer is one to definitely try because it offers considerable language and plugin support.


Searching for jedit for Mac? Download this.



Panels version of jedit 5.5.0
size of the file:
3.62 Megabyte.
  1. , Windows 2000
  2. Skylights 2003,
  3. Windows of Windows,
  4. Vista, Windows
  5. Windows 8, etc.
  6. Windows 10, etc.
  7. 98th Panels,
  8. Windows 7,
Language that are spoken:
  1. English,
  2. German,
  3. Spanish,
  4. French,
  5. Italian,
  6. Japanese,
  7. Polish,
  8. Chinese
most recent change:
10 April 2023, a Tuesday
The development department for jedit