Memory Booster for Windows

A unique approach to the typical storage boosting apps is Memory Booster from Rizonsoft. In contrast to the majority of Ram optimizers, it does not force any memory out of your Ram. Instead, a secure Windows Api call instructs Windows to clean up all processes’ workspaces, freeing up memory processes that are no longer required( Clear Processes Working Set ).

By regularly cleaning up processes, the app aids in increasing your system’s’s speed and stability. Although this approach doesn’t ready up a lot of Ram, it does increase your computer’s’s firmness and capabilities.

Memory Booster’s’s ability to scan systems attempting to obtain high levels of manufacturing energy is a fantastic mechanism. The priority likely be changed from above usual to back to normal once it finds them. As a result, some manufacturing potential is freed up.


Overall, Memory Booster is a respectable freeware application that improves durability and functioning relatively than claiming to completely up huge amounts of Ram. Users of all skill amounts can easily explore it because it is stream-lined.



Panels Consciousness Booster
size of the file:
1.07 Megabyte
  1. Windows 2000,
  2. 2003 Panels,
  3. Xp of Skylights
  4. Windows Vista,
  5. Windows 8, etc.
  6. Windows 10.
  7. Windows 7,
  8. Panels 98.
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