MyPublicWiFi for Windows


Your notebook or Pc can be converted into a Wi-fi broadband access point with the help of the straightforward and discreet Mypublicwifi implementation. You may stop the use of services like document sharing programs and limit consumer access to particular servers by using the Mypublicwifi Firewall. You can log and line every visited Url page on your virtual Wifi hub with Mypublicwifi for added peace of mind.

The circle you have created or shared uses Wpa2 Encryption to maintain your security, and Mypublicwifi is simple to set up with just a watchword of at least 8 people. You have complete control over the network and can track every Url page you visit as well as capture every session action on your simulated Wifi wifi. You can also get access to any linked clients’ Ip names, product companies, and Mac lists from Mypublicwifi.

You can easily communicate your Wifi connection with Mypublicwifi in general. The application is lightweight enough to go unnoticed, and the setup procedure is straightforward.



Panels version of Mypublicwifi 28.2.
  1. Windows 7, etc.
  2. 8 Windows
Dialects that are spoken:
  1. English,
  2. German,
  3. French,
  4. Portuguese
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2023 August 19th, a Friday
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