OneNote Web Clipper for Windows

A really helpful expansion is Onenote Web Clipper, which enables you to save the sites you visit’s’s posts that you like. You you see the article from any apparatus that has the software installed with your balance after the facts has been straight clipped to Onenote.

To make it easier for you to quickly search for a particular term in Onenote, the internet cutter modification automatically captures an image of the websites you’re’re searching while also keeping the language. In case you want to view the entire document in the future, a hyperlink is equally provided.

Included are the following critical characteristics:

  1. In a few clicks, you can quickly clip any webpage to Onenote.
  2. Anything can be captured, including entire browser webpages and little sections.
  3. Any Onedrive notebook, integrating shared notes, can receive your videos.
  4. All of your supported devices can instantly synchronize.
  5. A cleaned-up adaptation and a Onenote demo are provided by Clipper after it automatically determines whether there is an article, dish, or product on the sheet.
  6. You can view your Onenote Online-clipped webpage with just one scroll by using the Clipper’s’s one-click interface.


Overall, Google Chrome’s’s Onenote Web Clipper is a fantastic denotation. It is well-built, lightweight, and has excellent functionality, as you might anticipate from Microsoft.



Windows version of Onenote Web Clipper 3. 8
  1. 10 Skylights
dialects that are spoken:
  1. English,
  2. Spanish,
  3. German,
  4. French,
  5. Italian,
  6. Portuguese,
  7. Dutch,
  8. Polish,
  9. Russian,
  10. Turkish,
  11. Chinese,
  12. Korean,
  13. Czech,
  14. Arabic,
  15. Japanese
most recent change:
November 21st, 2023, Monday