Paperless for Windows

Paperless makes it simple and easy for you to keep up with and sustain the task of organizing all of your records and information.

You won’t need to maintain any kind of paper documents if you use cashless. Only scan your revenue, bills, remarks, market tickets, or any other type of paper to add the information to the Details Window using Paperless’ Ocr feature. Document operations in the 21st century is automated.

You can assemble all of your documents in one place with Paperless because it is such a simple and user-friendly software. With the least amount of hassle, you can quickly and masterfully organize all of your electronic information. Applying Ocr technology, newly scanned images are tagged, transformed into word-searchable Documents, and sent to the applicable document storage documents. The application is Twain compliant, so it works with almost any detector if you need to create report files from your information.


Paperless is the ideal option if you’re’re looking for a straightforward receipt management product.

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