PeaZip for Windows

Obtainable base library and document supervisor Peazip. It is available for incorporate without cost and as freeware.

The majority of archive formats, including the popular 7z, Rar, Tar, and Zip as well as experimental ones like the Paq / Lpaq family, the most potent compressor currently on the market, can be extracted by Peazip from both Windows and Unix worlds.

Peazip supports multiple strong encryption standards, can evaluate submit checksum and cipher, and optionally uses two-factor verification( countersign and keyfile ) for added security.

  1. Aes256 cryptography on 7z
  2. The Aes encryption used by Zip Winzip you be decrypted using Zipcrypto for bequest compatibility and Zipwizip’s’s Ae crypto.
  3. This format can also produce regeneration reports to safeguard data against depravity. Freearc’s’s Arc: Aes256, Blowfish, Twofish256 and Serpent256.
  4. Aes256 Eax-authenticated crypto in Pea


Peazip supports a variety of encoding and crypto norms, including the fastest and most potent varieties, for the creation of archives. To bridge the gap between Gui and cabinet softwares, you can import occupation definitions as codes, allowing you to choose between the two.



Skylights version of Peazip 8.9.0
  1. Windows 8.1,
  2. Windows Xp,
  3. , Windows Vista
  4. Windows 8, etc.
  5. Windows 10.
  6. 7 Panels
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4 November 2023, a Friday