PSA File Organizer for Windows

A simple program called Psa File Organizer enables you to batch-create folders, standalone file types, and then arrange the types of paperwork you’ve’ve specified into sub-folders.

For each type of folder you require, the Psa File Organizer is quickly produce sub-folders. Additionally, the request can catalog all documents belonging to a particular structure and find them all.

The ideal navigator software in Psa File Organizer makes it simple to find the folders you need and approach them to other sub-folders. The Psa File Organizer likely handle the files for you by simply entering the register expansion you want to process, such as Wma or Mp3, and choosing the files you need to work with.


Included are the following variable characteristics:

  1. Lightweight.
  2. Locator of effective files.
  3. Move files and easily create folders.
  4. Bar for users notifications.
  5. typical user ui

Choosing specified folder sorts, Psa File Organizer is a straightforward request that enables you to manage and arrange your files into folders and subfolders. It can create as most sub-folders as you need and quickly move all of your documents into each one. Additionally, it is portable and really user-friendly. Therefore, Psa File Organizer may be just what you need if you want to feel extremely organized.



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