Tag&Rename for Windows


A Windows utility called Tag & Rename was developed to handle a variety of well-liked music formats. For instance, Mp3 Id, Windows marketing, and apple tags( see below for a complete list ), the device enables quick and simple badge processing. For a single document or in bulk for an entire album or files, new or updated label information may be written. File details or information downloaded from various beats directories and track portals, such as freedb and tracktype, are used to create keywords. Amazon and nonprofit. Numerous fields are supported by the tagging application, including title, artist, album, style, summer, disc quantity, cover art, lyrics, composer, conductor, and more. A robust playlist editor with support for recursive subfolders and a sophisticated file list to display music files in actual folder structures are additional features of Tag & Rename.

Tag & Rename supports file and tag formats:

  1. Identifiers for.mp3: Id3v1, Id311.1, Id322.2, Id332.3, and Id342.4
  2. Windows Media tags are.wma ,. asf, and.mv.
  3. Apple apple cc and lossless audio docs; M4p( protected Apple Music Store folders ); and Mp4 – ipod tags
  4. Comments on.ogg ,. flac, and.spx in Vorbis
  5. The Apev1 and.tta ( True Audio ) tags are: mpc( Musepack ), ape( Monkey’s’s Audio ), ofr ( Optim Frog ), and wv( Wav Pack ).
  6. wave – Id3v2 shred in Lyric channel for” id3″



Tag & amp, Windows Rename 3.9.15
size of the file:
. 22 Mb
  1. Windows Xp,
  2. Windows 8.
  3. Windows Vista,
  4. Windows 8,
  5. Windows 7, etc.
  6. Windows 10.
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