Tweetz Desktop for Windows

You can access your Twitter login and enjoy posts and tweets explicitly from your workstation using the little, portable tool Tweetz Desktop.

You may enable the app using the Os ‘ appliance restaurant because it is a Windows widget. It was created with a minimum user interface that doesn’t occupy too many desktop space. You is, however, adjust the size of your provender to any desired habit measurements if you require a larger viewing vicinity.

Other options for Tweetz Desktop are furthermore reasonably customizable. From the” Options” menu, you can change the font’s’s shape and cleverness. The definition environment for masked Urls can also be changed.


For level changes, mentions, and confidential messages, Tweetz Desktop has some radio alarms that can be set. Additionally, you can choose the frequency during which the apps refreshes. The Home page is by default set to renew every two minutes, the discusses sheet every four, and private messages every six minutes.

Overall, Tweetz Desktop is a straightforward application with common features. Despite this, it is a practical substitute for using the Twitter dwelling sheet because of its user-friendly software.



Skylights users of Tweetz Desktop 2.7.1
  1. Windows 7.
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August 13th, 2023, a Friday
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