Zune Software for Windows

You can organize your fun singing, images, and pictures using the digital television jukebox known as Zune. Zune Music & Video Marketplace used to allow you to find beats, but it no longer accepts rentals or buys through the platform. Microsoft now owns the music and video businesses Xbox Music and Xbox Video.

Although there is no fresh posts obtainable, you is still listen to audio and songs that have already been downloaded using the Zune Pc software. Check Xbox Music and Xbox Video accordingly if you want different articles.

The user interface of Zune is the first thing you notice about it. It is tidy and well-kept. There are a few other features and the application allows you to playback photos and music at the same time, but overall it is an outdated, abandoned item with scant codec support.

As a background sync support for Windows Phone 8, Zune Software was replaced by the Pc application.




Windows version of Zune 4. 8.2345.0
size of the file:
106.66 Mebibyte
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